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6 Benefits of Being a Summer Golf Caddy

While lunching with my buddies after our round of golf last Saturday, we each discussed how we fell in love with the game of golf. Interestingly enough, three of us started as caddies. I started caddying the summer of my freshman year in high school because I was recuperating from an illness and my doctor recommended a lot of outside activities. My family had recently moved into the neighborhood and my new best friend and I started caddying at a local country club. In retrospect, I was lucky to have taken that fork in the road. Who knew it would spark my lifelong interest in golf?

How I Benefited from Being a Summer Golf Caddy

1.  I Made Lifelong Friends as a Golf Caddy

It was a great way for the new kid on the block to meet friends. I kept in touch with my “caddy” buddies through high school and college.

2. I Became Healthier  

I did spend a lot of time outside as the doctor wanted. I caddied usually 4-5 days a week (on my own schedule) and played at the club on Monday. Exercise was not a problem.  I got healthy again, very quickly!

3. I Connected with Some Prominent Community Golfers

I caddied for some great people. After I became an Honor Caddy, I began to caddy for the Jones and Smith families. Whenever the husband or wife played golf, I was the caddy. I still have a picture of Mr. Jones in my home office from a tournament we were in. I felt part of his extended family.

4. I Learned How to Play Golf from Avid Golfers

Mr. Jones and Smith were great golfers and started teaching me how to play golf. I learned club selection (don’t always use a sand wedge from a trap) and how to hit a draw or fade.

5. I Almost Won a Golf Scholarship

Aside from making money to buy clubs, shoes and balls, I had the opportunity for a Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship. While I did not get the scholarship, I came close and met new friends along the way. This is a great opportunity for a scholarship that most people do not know about.    

6. I Became Interested in Retail – My Future Career

It was interesting to hear what golfers talked about during a round between themselves or directly with the caddy. I caddied for the President of Sears one summer and became fascinated with his discussions about the world of retail business.  It would later lead to a career in retail.  


My Favorite Summer Golf Caddy Story

Every caddy or golfer has a favorite caddy story. While I have a few, this one sticks in my mind today.

Mrs. Jones was playing one day and I was her caddy. She had a new putter and I told her that it looked and felt great. On the second hole, she gave me the putter as we were walking off the green when she suddenly stopped and asked if I wanted to try the new putter. I said, “ABSOLUTELY”, and proceeded to drain a 60-foot putt. We both had a good laugh about that!

Over to you

If you are a high school student or have a child in high school who is looking for some ways to earn extra money through a golf-related job, consider golf caddying. The benefits of being a summer golf caddy are well worth it.

Were you ever a caddy? If so, tell me the course where you caddied and your caddy number.

Tell me your favorite caddy story either as a caddy or as the golfer using a caddy.

Did you start playing golf as a result of being a caddy?

Send me your comments……


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